Send someone a wholesome meal from Adama Kosher!

Is there someone in Israel you'd like to treat to some yummy home cooking?

Adama Catering, by Modiin's own Shoshana Weiss, is now offering a selection of gourmet quiches and wholegrain challot. They can be sent to the person of your choice: relatives, friends or soldiers.

Certified kosher dairy mehadrin by Rabbanut Modi'in.

Gourmet quiche flavours:

  • Tomato, basil and olive oil

  • Onion and mushroom

  • Zucchini

  • Greek-style with olives

  • Sweet onion and roasted red peppers

    Introductory prices:

    Give your loved one a taste of the good earth with Adama Kosher Catering by Shoshana Weiss.

    Adama Kosher Catering by Shoshana Weiss Tel.: 052-595-577 E-mail:

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